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Vernon Williams III is an Writer, Director, Acting Coach and now Author extraordinaire.  Driven by his credo, “Don’t wait, CREATE!” Vernon’s faith, grit, and passion for the Arts fuel the creativity that puts his genius in demand.  As Founder of Vernon Williams Productions, LLC, his mission is to create innovative and relevant productions that embody timeless style and character.  Whether he is writing a script or in the Director’s seat, Vernon is undoubtedly in his element.  And it is this element of purpose and destiny that captivates, encourages and inspires audiences across the nation.


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  • Sometimes you reach a STAGE, in life, where you are too old to give chase.  This statement is certainly true when running after pointless people and pointless pursuits.  However, no one is ever to old to run after passion.


    Pursuing Purpose is sure to inspire those who have given up on dreams not achieved.  So... tighten your laces and prepare to run with Author/Playwright, Vernon Williams III, as he shares his life's story involving the trials and triumphs often accompanied with pursuing your purpose!

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