You want to act on the big stage, but also desire to do Film and Television. You’re not sure where to begin since your understanding of theatre often ends with bad performances across your area. How can you be trained for the stage and also tell stories on film? What if your acting training encompassed all forms of acting in every discipline and the greatest most revolutionary insight is that being taught to tell the TRUTH is going to be the same regardless of the medium you’re working in? How refreshing is that? You don’t have to be “big” or “small” you don’t have to be “theatrical” or “subtle”. You have to unlearn learned behavior and now simply learn to BE. And bring out the TRUTH within you. Moment-to-moment. With all of who you are. In my workshop, you’ll learn that “theatre” is just the name of the place in which the acting is being performed. It doesn’t have to mean a style of acting in which you are birthing out. In my acting workshops, you will learn how to think about creating in new ways. I will help you unleash the shackles that hold you back when you audition, constantly worrying, “Is this too much?” “Is this not enough?” LET THE ACTING COME FROM THE TRUTH INSIDE OF YOU!!  Start getting the confidence and knowledge you need from one of the top acting coaches in the DMV who will help you live the TRUTH about acting!!  If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.  The only method you need.... is YOU!!

Don't believe me?  Come try for yourself....



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